The 11th edition of .Astronomy will be hosted by the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, October 22-25, 2019. Read more here


Building Change in Astronomy


The .Astronomy conference series aims to build a dynamic and creative community of scientists and educators to exploit the potential offered by modern computing and the internet in the era of data-driven astronomy.  Rather than scientific questions, the focus is on innovative use of the web to develop new research tools, and to communicate with a broad audience through online platforms and innovative engagement resources. .Astronomy provides scientists, developers and science communicators an opportunity to showcase their ideas and skills outside their institutes or research areas, and help them get credit for their work.

How can new technologies help astronomical research, education, and outreach? How can new developments in data exploration and analysis algorithms, visualization, and software impact our work?  How can new ideas and techniques in education and research increase our productivity?  How can we leverage our diversity to better understand the Universe?

Through talks, tutorials, unconferences and hack days, participants gain new coding or maker skills, learn about the latest data services and tools, learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively using web platforms, and broaden their views on what a career in astronomy can look like. 

Since the first .Astronomy conference in 2008, we have created a vibrant community of over 300 alumnae/i in astronomy and related fields - passionate about leveraging technology for the advancement of astronomy.