How does it work?

.Astronomy is a relatively small event with around 60 participants. To ensure that we have diversity in expertise, background, seniority, gender, and representation from different parts of the world, we ask you to complete an application form to express your interest in attending. You will also have the opportunity to provide ideas for sessions or submit an abstract for a contributed talk for the conference in the form. After the pre-registration deadline, the SOC will review applications and send out invitations for registration.

Because we are often oversubscribed, part of the selection process will use an algorithm, Entrofy, to make a randomised selection based on criteria that are set by the organisers, such as gender and ethnic diversity, region of affiliation, career seniority, or whether you have previously attended the conference. This way we give everyone a fair chance of making the list.

The period for accepting applications to attend the conference closed on June 8th 2018. If you received an invitation to register, please complete the form and payment by August 18th 2018 using the instructions provided. If you have any problems or questions, please email dotastrox AT

The registration fee for our 2018 conference is $250. 

Financial support

Thanks to the generous support from the American Astronomical Society, we have funds available to support travel for a limited number of participants. A dedicated fund is available for support to participants with additional costs related to childcare. 

If you applied for financial support, we will notify you of the outcome of your application by July 31st.