.Astronomy 7: Sydney 2015



.Astronomy 7 was held in Sydney on the 3rd-6th November 2015 at the Justice & Police Museum. Sydney was the first .Astronomy conference location outside Europe and the United States. The organising committee consisted of:

  • Amanda Bauer
  • Arna Karick
  • James Allen
  • Vanessa Moss
  • Robert Hollow

Day Zero

In 2015 we introduced “.Astronomy Day Zero”, a day of introductory tutorials on commonly used tools during the .Astronomy Hack Day. This day is optional and aims to help those participants who feel insufficiently skilled to fully participate in the Hack Day. 


.Astronomy 7 featured a cross-disciplinary talk by Alice Williamson (University of Sydney) who spoke about the Open Source Malaria – A New Way of Finding Medicines.  Tom Robitaille discussed Astropy and the open-source revolution in Astronomy, which tied nicely into the themes presented the week before at ADASS. Kirsten Gottschalk showed off very nice Astronomy education mini-websites: fun (and useful) ways to showcase data.  And AAO’s Nuria Lorente spoke about important, yet challenging ways that software development occurs from the different perspectives of astronomers and engineers.

Full list of speakers:

  • Tom Robitaille
  • Lisa Ballard
  • Alice Williamson
  • Danny Vohl
  • Yeshe Fenner
  • Nuria Lorente
  • Sze-leung Cheng
  • Kristen Gottschalk

Public Lecture

Sarah Kendrew gave a public lecture on Giant Telescopes of the Future at the University of Sydney during the conference.