.Astronomy X: Baltimore 2018


September 24-27 2018, space telescope science institute (STScI)

The 10th edition of .Astronomy took place at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD. Most talks were were webcast live, and recorded. We’ve included the links to the recorded talks below.

Scientific organisation committee

  • Sarah Kendrew, ESA/STScI (Chair)

  • Arfon Smith, STScI (co-Chair)

  • Tom Donaldson, STScI

  • Susan Kassin, STScI

  • Iva Momcheva, STScI

  • Josh Peek, STScI

  • Erik Tollerud, STScI.

Invited Speakers

Day Zero Introductory talks

Contributed Talks


.Astronomy X was generously supported by the American Astronomical Society.