.Astronomy 1: Cardiff 2008


Cardiff, 2008

Our first event was hosted at Cardiff University Astronomy and Physics Department in September 2008.

It was organised solely by Robert Simpson, a Cardiff PhD student at the time.


We had live talks about blogging, hacking open data, Twitter for Telescopes, The Faulkes Telescope Project, and WETI (The Wait for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

The event also included Skype presentations from on blogging (Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer), Public Access to Open imagery from the Solar System (Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society), and Google Sky )Alberto Conti and Carol Christian, STScI).


We did formal proceedings for the first .Astronomy, published by Canopus. It was far too complicated and all went out of data very quickly!


There was no Hack Day at our first event.