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The Foundation

.Astronomy began as a way to encourage and facilitate new ideas in astronomy. We have always strived to be an open and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in the best subject in the universe. We aim to encourage the innovative use of technology to further the practice and communication of astronomy around the world.

The .Astronomy Foundation was created to help support not only the projects and collaborations that emerge from the .Astronomy Conferences series, but also any projects that are undertaken in that spirit.

Please reach out to us if you believe we can help you.


Our purpose…

“For the public benefit, the advancement of astronomy and related fields, in any part of the world, by people using technology to innovate the practice and communication of the subject, by facilitating and supporting work that has the potential to be transformative, interdisciplinary, or uniquely impactful, and the communication of such work in suitable venues.” - from our founding Charitable Trust Deed, April 2019.